A Stalker Calls the Cops - It Backfires

Neighboring families live 600 feet away from the HOA and only want to be left alone, so how does Scott Custer justify his harassment to the group?

One way is to pretend that we have broken the law.  To that end, he has called the police on at least five different neighbors, most of whom are elderly. What he doesn't mention is that, in each episode, it was determined that if anyone is breaking the law, it is him.

Sometimes he stages fake crimes, such as removing posters and fence posts, but blaming us.  Of a half-dozen attempts, his only success at getting a charge on anyone was fleeting - and it eventually backfired...

This was in 2014, when he got a police officer to write a ticket (to me) for “trespassing.” He did this by showing the officer video of me standing on my own property and falsely claiming that I was on his.

I'm sure Custer knew that the charge would be dismissed when the truth came out, but he had fun taunting me for a few weeks behind the prosecutor’s back.

When it was demonstrated in court that he had misled police, the ticket was, of course, thrown out. The officer was told that he should not have written it, and Custer was warned to stay off my property.

When he could not keep his distance, Custer received a formal warning for stalking and harassment from the very prosecutor who was initially fooled into thinking that he was a victim.

To my knowledge, he has not tried to involve the police since.