About the Sign at the Entrance

My name is Oliver and I own property that adjoins BEAVER RIDGE Condominiums. I am responsible for the sign at the entrance which advertises this site.

My sign is there only in response to the HOA's own signs and paraphernalia, which are posted deliberately outside the windows of neighboring houses:

After years of being provoked with signs like these, I have put up one of my own in response.

I would rather not have a sign at the entrance, and it’s likely that only one person in the HOA cares about harassing neighbors. If it were a normal group, signs and such would come down quickly and there would be no reason for this site.

The problem is that the HOA is controlled by Scott Custer, and the others are afraid of him. He is a bully who throws around the weight of the Council and picks on vulnerable residents. Anyone raising awareness is threatened with a lawsuit and marginalized with a smear campaign.

The bullying is childish but often clever, since his wife is a lawyer. It ranges from vindictive power games inside the HOA that waste money and time, to obsessive and disturbing personal behavior that the Tucker County police call “harassment and stalking.”

Mine is one of the families being targeted, as you can tell from the picture. Custer harasses us in ways that are unnecessary, but usually legal. He also taunts elderly residents and makes women feel bullied and unsafe.

BEAVER RIDGE members know this, yet most indulge him by staying quiet. Some even empower him with the authority of the HOA. They either deny abusive and inappropriate conduct, or they make excuses and blame victims.

I've never liked bullies, and I don't have much respect for anyone who looks the other way or dismisses physical harassment as a “personal issue,” particularly when it is being done in their name. 

At the very least, homes and families should be off-limits. After years of appealing to BEAVER RIDGE members and trying to appease anything raised as a pretext for the harassment, I've decided that if it is going to continue, it should be in the open.

It would be nice if HOA members who portray themselves as socially responsible were to act like it, instead of letting an abuser hide behind them. Signs would come down. Property values would go up. The BEAVER RIDGE reputation might even improve.

But Custer loves conflict, and he's very good at manipulating people by playing them against each other with misinformation. More importantly, he gets angry when he feels that his authority is challenged, so I do not see anyone standing up to him.

We just want to be left alone. We believe this man is dangerous and do not want him in our lives. If this means having to explain why, then I will share the full story here in a few months. 

Check back then. My sincere hope is that both the signs and this site are gone. 

Telling him that we don't want him only fuels his obsession - like an angry ex-boyfriend who can't let go. He stands outside our house taunting and trying to intimidate us

It's Necessary to Add that...

Custer goes well out of his way to create problems for neighbors, yet he spins reality to make it appear as if he is a victim. One trick is to call the police so that he can tell his group that we are "criminals." 

Anything that he reported as a "crime" was investigated and ultimately determined not to be a crime. You can read more about what the police, prosecutor, and judge concluded about Custer here.


Each time Custer shows up to bother us, he defies a prosecutor's demand to stay away. He depends on others in the HOA to go along with the story that they want him outside our house.

His biggest enablers are members of the Council, whom he personally selects based on qualities that aren't hard to guess. He controls the HOA by controlling them.

These four have an equal vote with him and could end the harassment at any time. Making the HOA safe for families and attractive to investors would benefit every member of BEAVER RIDGE as well.

In fact, all of the problems and conflicts that Custer creates could be resolved in about 30 minutes if they would operate independently of him and work directly with those affected - and so, he forbids them from even talking with us.